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A VIP day trip to Cairo by bus

If you want to experience more of Egypt’s history and spend more time in the monuments, you can bring with us on this VIP tour, where you have your very own private bus and private Danish speaking guide. In Cairo you will experience the thousands of treasures of the Egyptian Museum, have lunch on the bank of the Nile and visit the ancient pyramids of Giza, as well as take pictures along with the mysterious Sfinks.

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Cairo Day Trip

It plays no role if you live in Marsa Alam, there is still the opportunity to visit Cairo. We drive to Cairo through the wilderness along the Red Sea. Along the way, you can see Oil wells, dolphins, Vestas wind farm and the Suez canal. We visit the Egyptian Museum with thousands of ancient treasures, eat lunch on the Nile and visit the ancient pyramids and kiss the mysterious Sfinks.