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VIP - Endagstur til Luxor
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A VIP day trip to Luxor

No one should spend their holiday in Egypt without visiting one of the most fascinating and interesting archaeological sites in the world – the temples and monuments around Luxor. Discover the Valley of the Kings with its colorful tombs hidden in the desert sand, Deir El-Bahri, The temple of the legendary queen Hatshepsuts, and the great Memnon colossus, and the unique and well preserved Karnak Temple. Enjoy a guided tour through these important historic sites and feel the thrill of the Great of Egypt

Snorkleudflugt til Giftun fra Safaga
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Snorkeling excursion to Giftun from Safaga

If you want to sail on the Red Sea and spend more time snorkeling in the middle of the ocean, and where you can discover a paradise of countless fish, dolphins and corals, join us on this excursion to Giftun Island. You will spend an entire day on a fine boat and we visit Giftun, where you will spend some time on the beach or swim in the crystal clear waters.

Snorkleudflugt til Mahmya-Øen
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Snorkeling excursion to Mahmya Island

If you want to experience a real paradise on Earth, located in the midst of the Red Sea, join us to the National Park, Mahmya, a beautiful bounty island off the Hurghada coast. Here you will find white sand beach, turquoise waters, corals and thousands of fish and you can enjoy the tranquility, sound of the quiet lapping of the waves, bird whistling and the wind in the palm trees. You will also enjoy a delicious lunch, the world’s best iced coffee and exquisite service. After a whole day on the island you will forget everything that torments you and you will be filled with new energy and good humor. You will never go home from here.

Super Safari fra Safaga
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Super Safari from Safaga

If you want to experience a real adventure, join in on this very special trip, where you will drive Jeep through the desert to a Bedouin village. Here you will learn about the Bedouins ‘ life and customs, and you can try to run on ATV, Desert Carting, ride on Camel, experience different native dessert animals. In the evenings, a delicious oriental buffet will be served and you will experience a real Oriental show. All this is surrounded by the fascinating and beautiful Egyptian desert and mountain scenery. To finish it all, you will see the starry sky through a telescope.