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Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt

Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt
Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt

Spiritual tour to the interior of Egypt is made specifically to help you become more aware of your own inner self and to become conscious of adapting as well as filling your body, mind and spirit with Energy. Egypt is an ancient land filled with magic and mysticism, and because of this,our experienced tour guides and spiritual guides will teach you how to harness the old energy, and give you an experience of life and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit as you get the full experience of our spiritual tour. We are sure that you will all get an unforgettable positive experience.
Our spiritual tour has the ability to change our consciousness and the consciousness of the others in our Lives.
What is Thoth trying to teach us?

The price is at min. 4 people


Spiritual tour to inner Egypt in Detail:


Day 1: Cairo-Aswan

Upon your arrival in Cairo Airport, you will meet with one of our representatives and be transferred to the Interior Hall to fly on to Aswan. Upon arrival at Aswan, you are once again greeted by one of our representatives who will assist you and then you drive to the Hotel.


Day 2: Aswan

After an early breakfast we have a private channeling visit to the Philae Temple (the Island of Philae and the powerful Isis temple).

Isis is associated with the ancient Egyptians most revered star, Sirius. When Sirius each year came to sight above the horizon, it was tantamount to the Nile flood, which left enormous deposits of silt, which is the very valuable black soil or KMT (Khemit), to which Egypt was Named.

Step into the diamond – a central space inside the core of the living heart of your internal castle, the sanctum that allows your being to be saturated with pure love and consciousness. Bath in the magical Waters. Discover Sirius, known as the source of all ancient wisdom and the conception of Isis (goddess of Love and magic).

Afterwards we come back at the hotel and in the afternoon we enjoy a Felucca boat Trip. Accommodation in Aswan.


Day 3: Aswan-Kom Ombo-Edfu-Luxor

After breakfast we drive to Kom Ombo, where we visit the temple, which was dedicated to the gods Sobek and Haroeris (the crocodile god Sobek and the Falcon God Horus, the elder). The temple is dedicated to conquering your fears and anger, and we will here discuss Nature’s aspects and our cosmos represented by Neteru and how they are connected with awakening our senses and raising our consciousness level. We will talk about the powerful initiations that were once practiced here and how we can tap into the profound self-empowering lessons that ancient Egyptians experienced Here. Then we drive on to Edfu, where we visit the temple dedicated to the Falcon God Horus. We will then continue to Luxor, where we will spend the rest of the evening and stay overnight.


Day 4: Luxor

Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt
Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt

1. Chakra

The Shakti holy Kundalini Awakening of Tantra sexuality and rebirth will happen here. Turn on the vital dynamic life force that flows with the love of Shaktis exploitation of intelligence and the instinctive sexuality of creative power – the authentic way of life in divine orgasmic ecstasy – devoid of shame and guilt and uplifting you to Joy and Bliss through Kundalini healing.

After breakfast we drive to the West bank, where we visit the Valley of the kings, Hatshepsuts dead temple and Memnon Kolosserne.

In the afternoon we visit Karnak temple, the World’s largest temple. An avenue of sphinxes with Aries heads, leads us into the gigantic complex, which includes temples that are dedicated to Amon Ra, a Neter that represents an aspect or stage of the sun, Khonsu, representing the moon, and the Mout wife of the god Amon Ra.

Channelling in the Sekhmets chapel, the goddess representing the potent and purifying energy from the Sun. Sekhmet personifies The rays of sunshine that provide the electromagnetic energy needed to sustain life and Earth’s networks. As lioness, she symbolizes the powerful and wild but protective love that is akin to that which every mother has to her baby. Sekhem means power and Sekhmet is the electric spark that provides the energy needed to carry out what we have been told are mystical, magical and powerful feats, including the healing of the physical Body. She is the life force.

Accommodation in Luxor


Day 5: Luxor

Breakfast and then 30 minutes of meditation in a meeting room or in the Garden.

The 4th Chakra.

Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt
Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt

In the morning we visit the Dendera Temple (a private crypt or NAOS) which is dedicated to Hathor (Het-Hert), which is the Netert that personifies love, joy, beauty, sexuality, harmony, dance, Music and Motherhood. The ceiling of the temple contains the star map as well as a copy of the famous Dendera Zodiac (original can be seen at the Louvre in Paris), which points to the origins of ancient astrology and superior knowledge of our Cosmos.

Hereafter we visit Abydos (and its Osireion). The 5th Chakra. The Temple of Osiris and Osireion Temple.

The temple was built by King Seti in and is dedicated to Osiris. Behind this temple lies the megalithic Osireion, and it is here that several depictions of the flower of life can be seen on the major pillars. Local villagers claim that the water that accumulates in this structure has valuable healing properties.

Accommodation in Luxor


Day 6: Luxor-Cairo

After breakfast, we drive to Luxor airport to fly to Cairo. On arrival in Cairo, we drive to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time, late in the evening you will be able to watch a dance show, Sufi (Dervish) in El Guri, before the walk to the open-air museum, which is on Moezz Street and then dinner (not included)


Day 7: Cairo-El Minya

Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt
Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt

Early in the morning we drive to Al Ashmonin. Hermopolis (Magna) was a major cult centre for the god Thoth. Thoth was by the Greeks called, “hermes,” and it is from this name to Thoth that we infer the name of the city, which literally means “hermes ‘ city”.

We will visit Hermopolis, which was the old capital of the 15th. Upper Egyptian Nome (province). Then we visit the Tell Al Amarna Area. Tell Al Amarna was the city that Heretic King Akhenaton built as the new capital that was dedicated to his new religion, Sun Worship. Then it’s time for meditation before we drive back to Cairo.


Day 8: Cairo

Early in the morning, before sunrise, we will spend some time meditating at Dawn.

Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt
Spiritual tour of the interior of Egypt

After breakfast we drive to Giza, where we visit the pyramids, and get the opportunity to enter the Kheops pyramid (the 7th chakra), and then we go down to Sphinx (the 6th chakra), There is a giant statue with Lion’s body and human head.

Then we will visit an Oriental oil workshop, where you will be kept about 1 hour of lectures on essences, oils, aromatherapy, meditation and healing up through the 7 chakra, along with the Reiki Master of Meditation.

Accommodation at the Hotel.


Day 9: Cairo-Alexandria

We book a breakfast package from the hotel, as we leave the hotel early, to drive to Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city, where we will visit Bibliotheca Alexandria, the planetarium, and the science Centre. We eat lunch at a local restaurant (included).


Day 10: Cairo

We eat breakfast and then we drive to Cairo airport to fly Home.

This post is also available in: daDansk deDeutsch

Spirituel Rundrejse til det indre Ægypten

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