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Felucca Sailing on the Nile

Felucca sailing on the Nile excursion in detail:

Our guide will pick you up directly from your hotel or ship in Aswan for your Felucca sailing. It is a traditional wooden sailboat that is used especially along the Nile in Egypt, consisting of a Latin sail or triangular sail. Felucca can measure up to 12-13 meters and depends a lot on the wind as they are not equipped with motors.

Enjoy your Felucca sailing in Aswan on the Nile in Felucca in approx. An hour while you sail around Elephantine Island and visit the botanical garden known for its rare plants that were imported from all over the world, when in the year 1899, Lord Kitchener used this island to be a place where his soldiers can rest and call it the Lord’s Hu S, St. Simeon Monastery, Noble Digger and many more. You can also visit the Nubian village near Aswan.

If you are looking for exotic adventures, Felucca will be your best choice in Aswan, where you can sail all day in the archipelago. To sail with an ancient Egyptian boat, there is something different than you just think. To enjoy the boat trip as the boat slides on the Nile

From there you will sail back to your hotel or ship.

The price is at min. 4 people

This post is also available in: daDansk deDeutsch

Felukka sejlads på Nilen

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