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A VIP day trip to Luxor

A VIP day trip to Luxor
A VIP day trip to Luxor

A VIP day trip to Luxor excursion in detail

We’ll pick you up for our VIP day trip to Luxor directly from your hotel door in the morning, where our guide will carry a sign with your name on, by hand.

On our way to Luxor, along the Nile, you can already get an impression of the Egyptian countryside, and the life of various towns and villages in Upper Egypt; And of course we will do stop when you need it.

When we arrive at our destination, we will first of all, during the VIP day trip to Luxor, show you the unique Karnak templeWhich is certainly one of the most extraordinary temples in the world, as it is still in an incredibly good state, even though it has stood for thousands of years – so with a bit of imagination, you will easily find yourself back in the past, then the temple stood in all its splendor. You will have some time to walk around where you can visit the entrance area and get an idea of how the huge pylons were built. Walk down through the Sphinx Avenue, where on both sides are rows of Criosphinx (Sphinx with a rams head), experience hypostylhallen with its more than 100 large but well preserved pillars, admire the hieroglyphs and paintings, visit the Holy Lake, and take a look at the Various chapels, temples and statues. And if you like, you can find the Holy scarab close to the lake, and if you walk around it three times, clockwise – then say the legend that the descendants are going to follow…!

After this fascinating visit during our VIP day trip to Luxor, we will enjoy a boat trip across the Nile to the West Bank, where we will eat a delicious lunch at a local restaurant.

When we are all satisfied, we will continue our trip by bus. First we will do stay to take a look at the 3,400 year old Memnon Colossus, the huge statues of Amenhotep III, which once stood guard in front of his, now non-existent, Valley temple, which was once larger than the Karnak temple.

Then it is time to visit the Valley of the Kings, where the ancient Egyptians buried their kings, and officials, for 500 years, and where the mummies of the most famous and glamorous people from the time of the day have been found. Here you can walk down into the tombs of the Egyptian rulers, and experience the well-preserved colorful paintings and stories written with hieroglyphics on the walls.

A VIP day trip to Luxor
A VIP day trip to Luxor

Our last stop is unique – the visit to Hatshepsuts Temple. She was one of the most fascinating rulers of ancient Egypt, a female pharaoh who proved her ability to reign successfully over an empire, and finally she also created an architecturally extraordinary mortuary temple for herself, with three terraces separated by colonnades, a hypostylhal and many statues, paintings and reliefs.

We will return to the hotel in the evenings.

Price Includes:

  • Transport from/to your hotel, and between the sights, in first-class vehicles with A/C
  • Danish speaking Guide
  • Entrance tickets to the above mentioned points of interest
  • Nile Cruise
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Mineral and Soda water

Price does not include:

  • Tips for drivers and tour guides
  • Personal effects, meals, beverages or services not mentioned in the
  • International and national flights
  • Visa

This post is also available in: daDansk deDeutsch

This post is also available in: daDansk deDeutsch

This post is also available in: daDansk deDeutsch

VIP - Endagstur til Luxor

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