Catamaran Outing

Have you tried sailing the catamaran? Have you tried sailing in one with glass bottom? There are many opportunities to experience the Red Sea and its life below sea level. On this trip you can experience it all from the boat through the panorama windows of the hull, but we will also be staying at a beautiful reef, where you can snorkel

Diving Course-Open Water

At this diving course you will gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical diving skills. After completing the course, you will be awarded a PADI Open Water Diver certificate that is approved all over the world.

Introduction to Diving

If you want to try diving in the Red Sea while you're on holiday and looking at a real paradise underwater, with beautiful fish and corals, getting started with diving might be just for you.

Mega Fun

You will spend a very special and pleasant day on a luxury VIP boat, pampered with massage and enjoy super delicious food with... barbecue, Fish and shrimp, so bring your family and come with Us. During our cruise you will enjoy snorkeling in special areas, fishing, water slide and other water games on board, and for the youngsters there is also ice-cream

Private boat trip

Sit back and relax as your captain takes you on the most amazing trip available on the Red Sea. Spend the day in an intimate atmosphere with your loved ones and enjoy private life peace and exclusivity as a celebrity. A private boat provides the opportunity to choose between the perfect snorkeling spots away from the crowds.

Professional Diving

On this trip you have the opportunity to have more time in the water compared to our introduction to diving. You have your own wet suit during the whole trip and are at all times ready to jump into the water and dive on your own.

Red Sea Dolphin Catamaran

If you do not like water or you cannot swim, you can still experience the world under the sea without getting wet. On this tour we will sail out to the beautiful reefs off the Hurghada coast and you will go to the bottom of the boat, where you through large panoramic windows will experience the Red Sea's colorful flora and fauna.

Sindbad submarine

If you are not interested in snorkeling or diving, or would you like to dive into greater depths, but do not have a diving certificate, then join our Sindbad submarine. Sindbad submarine is the only one for tourists throughout the Middle East. We dive to a depth of 22 meters, where we can enjoy the world under the sea with the beautiful

Snorkeling excursion to Giftun Island

If you want to sail on the Red Sea and spend more time snorkeling in the middle of the ocean, and where you can discover a paradise of countless fish, dolphins and corals, join us on this excursion to Giftun Island. You will spend an entire day on a fine boat and we visit Giftun, where you will spend some time on

Snorkeling excursion to Mahmya

If you want to experience a real paradise on Earth, located in the midst of the Red Sea, join us to the National Park, Mahmya, a beautiful bounty island off the Hurghada coast. Here you will find white sand beach, turquoise waters, corals and thousands of fish and you can enjoy the tranquility, sound of the quiet lapping of the waves, bird

Snorkeling Excursion to Paradise Island

If you want to spend a relaxing day on a beach in the middle of the sea, where you can listen to the sea and the tranquility, you can go to Paradise Island. There is also the opportunity to snorkel and experience a little of the Red Sea, for those who want it. Take your family and spend time in the Aqua

Snorkeling excursion to Sharm El-Naga

If you love silence and want to take a little away from the noise and the modern city, we recommend Sharm El-Naga, an underwater nature reserve south of Hurghada. Here you can see incredible things by the beach, where the water is very clear and corals are right in front, so do not embark on a boat to see the underwater world.