11 Day round Trip

Cairo: Salah El Din Citadel, Coptic Cairo, Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, Sakkara and Memphis (additional)-Hurghada: Mahmya-Luxor: Karnak temple, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsuts dead Temple, Memnon Colossus - EDFU: Edfu Temple-Come Ombo: Come Ombo temple-Abu Simbel Temple-Aswan: Aswan Dam, Philae Temple, Nubian Village (additional)

12-Day round trip

Cairo: the pyramids and the great Sfinks of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, the Khan El Khalili bazaar-Aswan: Abu Simbel temples-Hurghada: beach holidays

A day trip to Aswan

When you're on vacation in Marsa Alam, don't miss Egypt's most beautiful city, Aswan, located on the Nile. Here you can visit the Philae temple, which was moved when the Great Aswan Dam, which you will also see close by, was built and Lake Nasser remained. Eat a delicious lunch at a local restaurant and watch Aswan's famous Tabia mosque.

A VIP day trip to Luxor

No one should spend their holiday in Egypt without visiting one of the most fascinating and interesting archaeological sites in the world – the temples and monuments around Luxor. Discover the Valley of the Kings with its colorful tombs hidden in the desert sand, Deir El-Bahri, The temple of the legendary queen Hatshepsuts, and the great Memnon colossus, and the unique and

Air balloon Ride

If you want to try flying together with the birds early in the morning, while watching the new day rise from below, join us on this excursion. A walk in the air balloon in the morning, on the West Bank, where you can see it all from the sky. This excursion must not be missed!

Cairo Day Trip

It plays no role if you live in Marsa Alam, there is still the opportunity to visit Cairo. We drive to Cairo through the wilderness along the Red Sea. Along the way, you can see Oil wells, dolphins, Vestas wind farm and the Suez canal. We visit the Egyptian Museum with thousands of ancient treasures, eat lunch on the Nile and visit

Cairo Day trip by plane

Don't want to spend much time in a car, and do you need to visit several sights during your day in the capital of Egypt? Then take the airplane to Cairo from the airport of Sharm El Sheikh and enjoy a whole day in the city! Visit the pyramids and the great Sfinks of Giza, as well as the Egyptian Museum. Then

Cairo-nile Cruise-Hurghada 10 days

Cairo: the pyramids and the great Sfinks of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, the Khan El Khalili bazaar-Aswan: Abu Simbel temples-Hurghada: beach holidays

Day trip to Luxor

If you're interested in history, don't miss this trip to Luxor, the old capital of Egypt. The city is like a large open-air museum, with temples, tombs and other monuments. We will visit the unique and well preserved Karnak temple, sail across the Nile, experience the great Memnon behemoths, the Valley of the Kings with the colorful tombs as well, Deir El-Bahri,

Diving Course-Open Water

At this diving course you will gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical diving skills. After completing the course, you will be awarded a PADI Open Water Diver certificate that is approved all over the world.

Evening ATV Safari

If you love running on ATV, but would like to spend the evening with the beduines, eat a delicious Bedouin dinner and enjoy their entertainment, including... Belly Dancer and Tanoura, come with us. You will then have the opportunity to enjoy all this and the sunset. It all ends with a nice experience of the starry sky.

Excursion to Moses Mountain and St. Katharina’s Monastery

Welcome to the Sinai, the Holy Land. When visiting Sinai, one must not miss one of the world's holiest places, where Moses saw the burning shrub and received the 10 commandments from God. Climb the mountain at night and experience the new morning being born. Also visit the world's oldest monastery, dated back to the 6th century. Century. Ad came and see