Aswan Navnet stammer fra det gamleægyptiske ord “Svan”, der betyder “markedet”. Byen har altid haft en stor strategisk betydning, da byen var placeret på den vigtigste handelsrute mellem Ægypten og de ​​sydlige lande; med guld, slaver og elfenben. Mange ekspeditioner blev sendt ud for at udforske mange af de afrikanske lande, der ligger syd for byen. Læs mere

Abu SimbelAbu Simbel Den meget lille landsby ligger 280 km syd for Aswan og kun 40 km nord for den sudanesiske grænse. Selvom det er hjemsted for adskillige hoteller, er den lille by normalt overset af turister som en feriedestination. De fleste turister foretrækker at besøge den nubiske by på en dags tur fra Cairo eller Aswan eller som en udvidelse til et Nilkrydstogt eller et krydsskib på Nassersøen.Læs mere

3 day Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor

If you want to look at a piece of unspoiled egyptian nature, and enjoy ancient scenes from the Bible that are found in the realities of the Nile in Upper Egypt, while you go back in history, visit ancient ruins from the pharaohs era, when the Greeks and Romans had afterwards revived them. And they are today, as eyewitnesses on the road

Abu Simbel Day trip by bus

When staying in Aswan, do not miss visiting UNESCO Nubian monuments on the World Heritage List. Abu Simbel temples are the most visited ancient monument in Egypt, next to the pyramids of Giza. The twin temples are carved out of the mountain side of Pharaoh Ramses II in the 13th century BC, as an eternal memory of himself and his queen Nefertari.

Abu Simbel day trip by plane

You won't spend much time in a car, and do you if you want to spend more time at Abu Simbel temples its possible. Then we fly to Abu Simbel, the city close to Aswan Airport and enjoy the temple! Do not miss the visit to Abu Simbel temples, which is the most visited ancient monument of Egypt, after Pyramids. The temple

Boat trip to Botanical Gardens and St. Simon Monastery

Enjoy your Felucca sailing in Aswan on the Nile in Felucca as you sail to the Botanical Gardens and St. Simon Monastery. the Botanical garden or kitchen island is known for its rare plants that were imported from all over the world. While the St. Simeon Monastery is a Coptic monastery of the 6th century. It was formerly dedicated to Anba Hadra,

City tour with horse carriage

Do you want to experience the city while riding a horse carriage. Visiting the Nubian Museum, the local market, and try smoking hookah at an Egyptian café, then join us on this outing

Felucca Sailing on the Nile

To sail with an ancient Egyptian boat, there is something different than you just think. On our trip down the Nile we came out sailing with such a boat. It sails quietly and it is incredible to see where it is so good to sail around while it is slipping on the Nile. It has a huge sail so it can get

Light and sound the show at the Philae Temple

If you want to experience the Philae or Isis temple in the evenings under the carpet of the stars with a nice light and a show. When the beautiful sound and light show is dazzled, the old temple will have an almost magical atmosphere. In addition, the beautiful reliefs and images appear very clearly
Philae templet. Den Høje Dæmning og Ufærdig obelisk

Philae Temple, the high dam and incomplete obelisk

When staying in Aswan or nearby, either at the hotel or Nile cruise You should not miss out on an excursion to the Philae temple, the high dam and the incomplete obelisk, and visit the most popular sights of the city

The Nubian village

If you want to experience a thrilling sailing trip between the stones humps and the islands of the Nile, to the Nubian village where we ride the camel, visit Nubians and play with the crocodiles.